ITEM ID: 0019

3D Printed Sculpture by Mat J Neu, 2021

Year Created: 2021
Year Acquired: 2021
Condition: Like New

This contemporary sculpture, created by the innovative artist Mat J Neu in 2021, represents a cutting-edge blend of technology and artistry. Starting with a 3D scan of his sister’s head, Neu skillfully modified the digital model using sophisticated modeling software to echo the iconic, otherworldly aesthetic associated with HR Giger. The transformation resulted in a stylized representation that bridges the familiar with the alien, encapsulating the essence of Giger’s influential design work. The artist then 3D printed the modified design, meticulously sealed, and hand-painted the sculpture, enhancing its intricate details and textures. The piece is mounted on a sturdy metal base, providing a sleek contrast to the organic complexity of the sculpture itself.

  • 6 1/2″ x 7 3/4″ x 10″


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