ITEM ID: 0042

Adult Coelophysis Skull Replica

Year Created: 2010s
Year Acquired: 2010s
Condition: Like New

This adult Coelophysis skull replica is a marvel of paleontological craftsmanship, designed to mirror the original specimen from the PaleoWorld collection. Unlike common resin casts, this replica is composed of actual stone, embodying the weight, texture, and intricate details of a genuine fossil. The skull, measuring approximately 15 inches in length and 8 inches in height, showcases an array of broken and scarred teeth, testament to the harsh realities of prehistoric life. Its flattened appearance, a result of the fossilization process, adds to its authenticity and scientific value. This meticulously prepared piece is a rare find, offering enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to own a slice of prehistory that’s both accessible and museum-quality.


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