ITEM ID: 0006

“Albert Ian” Life-Sized Foam Alien Prop

Year Created: 2010s
Year Acquired: c. 2013
Condition: Damaged

Albert is a life-sized, extraterrestrial-themed prop, constructed primarily from lightweight foam material, standing at an approximate height of 4 feet. This grey-skinned alien figure features an exaggeratedly open mouth and oversized eyes, designed to mimic the popular depictions of extraterrestrials in contemporary media. Originally acquired from a Halloween specialty store for $200 during the owner’s teenage years, “Albert Ian” has since transcended his seasonal role to become a permanent steward of the archive, frequently adorned with a variety of headwear.

  • Height: Approximately 4 feet
  • Material: Foam
  • Color: Grey
  • Special Features: LED lights in eyes (unused), detachable head
  • Damage: Missing one toe, elbow splits, damaged teeth
Condition Report
Despite its years of service, this foam alien prop remains in good overall condition. Notably, the prop includes LED lighting within the eyes, a feature that remains unused with the battery pack removed, preserving the integrity of the foam around the electrical components. “Albert Ian’s” head is detachable, enhancing its versatility and storage options. The figure has sustained some minor damage, including the loss of one toe, splits in the foam at both elbows—a result of repeated bending—and a few damaged teeth within its gaping mouth. These issues do not significantly detract from the prop’s appearance or structural stability.


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