ITEM ID: 0009

Antique Freestanding Farm Lightning Rod

Year Created: Early 20th c.
Year Acquired: 2017
Condition: Worn/Used

This distinctive artifact is an antique lightning rod, designed for freestanding installation on farm buildings to protect against lightning strikes. Dating back to the late 19th to early 20th century, it is a quintessential feature of rural American architectural safety measures. The rod is crowned with a milk glass ball, a decorative yet functional element believed to indicate the rod’s operational status and to enhance its lightning-attracting capabilities. The presence of the milk glass ball, with its opaque, milky white appearance, not only serves a protective function but also adds an aesthetic quality to the structure it adorns.

Condition Report
The lightning rod is in good condition for its age, with the metal structure showing signs of weathering and patina consistent with long-term outdoor exposure. The milk glass ball remains intact, free from cracks or significant chips, which is rare for glass of its age exposed to the elements. The rod’s integrity is sound, suggesting it was well-maintained or restored at some point in its history.


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