ITEM ID: 0056

Antique P & F Corbin Copper Printing Stamp

Year Created: Early 20th c.
Year Acquired: 2010s
Condition: Worn/Used

This antique printing stamp hails from the early 20th century, crafted by the esteemed P & F Corbin company from New Britain, Connecticut. Renowned for their manufacturing of locks and keys, these stamps were used to print detailed diagrams of the company’s products for technical documentation or advertising materials. The stamp set includes separate copper plates for a lock and a key, each intricately etched to depict the complex internal mechanisms. Mounted on a sturdy piece of wood, these stamps were integral to the precision necessary in the representation of the company’s high-quality craftsmanship.

Condition Report
The copper plates exhibit a fine patina, indicative of their age and the high-quality material from which they are made. The intricate etchings remain clear and distinct, with no significant signs of wear, suggesting that the plates have been well-maintained. The wooden mounts show signs of age, including surface wear and a deepening of the wood’s color, but they remain solidly intact, providing a secure base for the copper plates.


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