ITEM ID: 0018

Antique Silk Top Hat by A. Casse, Paris, 1930s

Year Created: 1930s
Year Acquired: 2022
Condition: Worn/Used

This exquisite antique silk top hat, crafted by A. Casse in Paris, France, during the 1930s, stands as a testament to the era’s refined fashion sensibilities and the esteemed craftsmanship of its maker. The hat’s elegant silhouette and silk material reflect the luxurious style preferences of the time. Signed “W. McAleer”. This piece was acquired for $100 from the T&A Vintage clothing store, a now-defunct treasure trove for collectors of vintage apparel.

Condition Report
The silk material exhibits minor wear and fraying, consistent with the hat’s age and material vulnerability. These signs of wear do not detract from the item’s overall aesthetic appeal but rather enhance its authentic vintage character. The hat maintains its original shape and structure, indicating quality craftsmanship and careful preservation over the decades.


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