ITEM ID: 0022

Authentic Hungarian Steppe Rider Süveg Hat

Year Created: Early 21st c.
Year Acquired: 2022
Condition: Like New

This authentic süveg hat, a distinctive piece of Hungarian heritage, is traditionally worn by the Magyar steppe riders, evoking the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Hungary’s equestrian nomads. Crafted from high-quality leather and adorned with a fur trim, this hat epitomizes the rugged elegance of the steppe rider’s attire. A striking horse hair plume adds a dynamic and ceremonial element to the hat’s silhouette, while a brass eagle emblem crowns the top, symbolizing power and freedom. This piece was acquired in Budapest from a local folk craft shop, ensuring its authenticity and craftsmanship.

Condition Report
The leather body of the hat is well-preserved, displaying a patina that adds character and authenticity without compromising the material’s integrity. The fur trim retains its lushness and color, suggesting careful maintenance and minimal exposure to harsh environmental conditions. The horse hair plume is intact and remains firmly attached, contributing to the hat’s imposing and traditional appearance. The brass eagle emblem exhibits slight tarnishing, consistent with the natural aging process of brass, but remains securely affixed to the hat.


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