ITEM ID: 0044

Birdman’s Penis – Official Prop from “Divorcee at Large”

Year Created: 2020
Year Acquired: 2021
Condition: Damaged

This hand-sculpted prop, “Birdman’s Penis”, was crafted by the professional penis sculptor Pontiac Wildfire for the 2020 surreal adult comedy art film “Divorcee at Large,” directed by Landon Jorgenson. As an official prop from the film, it played a pivotal role in the memorable “dick pic” scene, showcasing the quirky and uninhibited humor that characterizes the movie. Created from baking clay, this piece was intricately molded to the desired form and then meticulously painted, resulting in a finished product that blurs the line between prop and high-concept art.

Won in a meme contest.

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