ITEM ID: 0026

Chrysemys Picta (Painted Turtle) Carapace

Year Created: c. 2020s
Year Acquired: 2024
Condition: Like New

The item in question is a well-preserved carapace of a Chrysemys picta, commonly known as the painted turtle. Recognizable by its smooth shell and distinctive coloration, the painted turtle is native to North America and is the most widespread native turtle of the continent. The carapace exhibits the species’ characteristic olive-green background, which is overlaid with intricate patterns and lines of yellow and red that accent the shell’s edges and scutes, the individual plates that make up the turtle’s hard upper shell.

Gifted to me by my grandmother for my 26th birthday.

Condition Report
The carapace presents a polished surface with the intricate natural pigmentation well-preserved, showing a vivid contrast between the dark and light coloration. The edges of the shell display the typical smooth curvature and grooved scutes, which are intact without any significant chips or cracks. The underside of the shell demonstrates the classic yellow plastron with dark, blotchy patterning, characteristic of the painted turtle’s underbelly.


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