ITEM ID: 0029

Crown and Sword Razor – Joseph Rodgers & Sons Straight Razor

Year Created: 20th c.
Year Acquired: 2022
Condition: Worn/Used

The Crown and Sword Razor is a distinguished example of German cutlery craftsmanship, hailing from the 20th century. This folding straight razor features a finely honed steel blade paired with a sleek black plastic handle, embodying the fusion of functionality and classic design. The blade bears the notable “Crown and Sword” mark, a trademark of esteemed quality in cutlery. Accompanied by its original packaging, the razor rests in an aged, dense cardboard case, proudly stating “Trademark Granted 1682; Joseph Rodgers & Sons,” a historic nod to one of Sheffield’s most famous cutlery firms, renowned for their excellence in producing fine blades.

Condition Report
The steel blade retains its sharpness and exhibits a near mirror finish with only minor tarnishing, indicative of high-quality steel and craftsmanship. The black plastic handle remains intact, with no significant signs of wear, preserving the razor’s elegant aesthetic and ergonomic design. The cardboard case shows signs of aging, including discoloration and edge wear, which authenticate its historical value and use through time.


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