ITEM ID: 0001

Cymbal-playing Wind-Up Velour Monkey

Year Created: c. 1940s-50s
Year Acquired: 2023
Condition: Worn/Used

This artifact is a mechanical, wind-up toy representing a primate, designed to mimic cymbal playing. The figure is constructed from a brown velour fabric, indicative of mid-20th century textile preferences, specifically dated between the 1940s and 1950s. It is equipped with a manually operated wind-up mechanism, which upon activation, initiates a repetitive cymbal-clashing motion. The toy is adorned with a non-removable cap, dyed in a vibrant shade of red, likely to simulate attire common to entertainers of the period.

Purchased at an antique show in Regina, SK.

Condition Report
The toy remains in operational condition, retaining its intended mechanical functionality without the need for modern intervention. However, it exhibits minor wear and tear consistent with age and typical use. Notable damages include slight fabric abrasion, minor discoloration, and partial degradation of the wind-up mechanism’s responsiveness. These conditions do not significantly detract from the item’s overall aesthetic and operational integrity.


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