ITEM ID: 0002

East German “M56 Stalhelm” Steel Helmet

Year Created: c. 1960
Year Acquired: 2021
Condition: Like New

This item is an M56 East German Stalhelm, officially recognized as the German Model 1956 Steel Helmet. Although its design origins trace back to a 1942 World War II German prototype, it is more commonly associated with the post-WWII era of the German Democratic Republic (DDR). This helmet represents a historical blend of military design continuity and the evolution of combat gear in the mid-20th century. Notably, this particular piece is a surplus item that has never been used in service, which is a rarity for military collectibles of this nature.

Condition Report
The helmet is in near-pristine surplus condition, having never been used, which is reflected in the absence of typical wear and battle-related markings. The original paint and exterior finish are intact, with no signs of rust, and only faint and superficial scratches/dents. The interior lining and chin straps are equally well-preserved, suggesting the helmet has been stored in optimal conditions since its manufacture.


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