ITEM ID: 0005

Fossilized Cretaceous Moroccan Crocodile Skull

Year Created: Late Cretaceous
Year Acquired: 2022
Condition: Like New

This exhibit showcases a fossilized skull of a crocodile, presumed to belong to the Pholidosauridae family, originating from the phosphate mines near Casablanca, Morocco. Acquired at the Rock N’ Gem Show in Evraz, Regina, in 2022 for $500, this specimen represents the rich paleontological heritage of Morocco, renowned for its Cretaceous period fossils. The skull is notably from the Late Cretaceous era, estimated to be between 100 to 66 million years old, highlighting a period of significant prehistoric biodiversity.

Condition Report
The specimen is in excellent condition given its age and the excavation methods commonly employed in its region of origin, where dynamite is often used, potentially compromising fossil integrity. The top of the skull is fully exposed, showcasing remarkable detail and preservation, while the lower jaw remains mostly encased in sandstone. This partial enclosure in its original matrix contributes to both the fossil’s stability and authenticity.
Extraction and Reconstruction
It is assumed that this fossil underwent at least partial reconstruction post-extraction due to the excavation practices in the phosphate mines. Such interventions are common and necessary for the preservation and study of delicate paleontological finds. The precise methods of reconstruction, if any, are undocumented, but the quality of work suggests professional attention to detail.


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