ITEM ID: 0025

Hand-Painted Greek Pitcher

Year Created: Early 21st c. / 480 BC
Year Acquired: 2023
Condition: Like New

This handcrafted Greek pitcher is a fine example of modern replicas of ancient artistry, modeled after classical designs that have adorned pottery for millennia. The piece features a meticulous hand-painted depiction of a scene involving Ulysses and his offering of the arms of Achilles to his son, Neoptolemos, dated around 480 B.C. The imagery is reminiscent of black-figure pottery, with figures rendered in silhouette against the terracotta-hued background. This pitcher, with its ornate handle and spout, reflects the storied tradition of Greek ceramic art. It is hand-made in Greece, as stated on the bottom, and likely serves both decorative and commemorative purposes, evoking the rich narratives of Greek mythology.

Condition Report
The pitcher is in excellent condition, with the hand-painted designs vivid and intact. The black gloss finish typical of Greek ceramics is lustrous, suggesting the piece has been well cared for. There is no visible chipping or cracking, indicating the item has been handled with care.


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