ITEM ID: 0048

Handmade Fox Head and Raccoon Pelt Quiver Cover

Year Created: Mid 20th c.
Year Acquired: 2021
Condition: Like New

This quiver cover is a unique and personal artefact, handcrafted with both utility and tradition in mind. Fashioned from a raccoon pelt by the collector’s grandfather, it features a striking fox head as a decorative and symbolic element. The interior is pragmatically lined with linoleum scraps, repurposing available materials for added durability and structure. This item is a testimony to skilled handicraft and the ethos of making do with what is at hand, a common practice in past generations that also reflects a deep respect for the natural materials utilized.

Condition Report
The fox head and raccoon pelt retain their natural coloring and fur texture, suggesting careful preservation. The linoleum lining, though an unconventional choice, is in good condition, indicating thoughtful craftsmanship for reinforcing the cover. The quiver cover has been maintained in a condition that honors its practical use and the heritage it represents.


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