ITEM ID: 0007

Heirloom Ceremonial Spanish Rapier

Year Created: Early to Mid-20th c.
Year Acquired: 2021
Condition: Like New

This ornamental rapier, likely originating from Spain in the early to mid-20th century, was purportedly awarded during a ceremonial occasion to my great-grandfather. The rapier features an unsharpened blade, emblematic of its ceremonial purpose rather than practical use in combat. The guard is crafted from brass, displaying intricate designs that signify its ornamental value and craftsmanship. The handle is adorned with a pearlescent material, adding to the weapon’s elegance and ceremonial significance. A distinctive “Spain” stamp on the sword’s blade serves as a hallmark of its origin and authenticity.

Condition Report
The rapier is preserved in good condition, with all components intact and minimal signs of wear. The brass guard maintains its luster, though it may show slight tarnish that is consistent with its age. The pearlescent handle retains its lustrous appearance, with no significant damage or wear. The blade, despite being unsharpened, remains free from rust or corrosion, with the “Spain” stamp clearly visible. The overall structural integrity of the rapier is sound, with no loose parts or significant damage.


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