ITEM ID: 0053

“Hit the Porcupine with a Baseball Bat” Card Game

Year Created: 2019
Year Acquired: 2019
Condition: Worn/Used

“Hit the Porcupine with the Baseball Bat” is a card game steeped in a quirky slice of pop culture, inspired by Jon Lajoie’s song “High as Fuck.” Created in 2019, this game stands out as a limited edition with only one physical copy known to exist. It offers a playful and competitive experience for 2-4 players, who vie to effectively use an assortment of tool cards to ‘squash’ the most porcupines, a humorous nod to the song’s surreal humor. The game’s design weaves together strategy and chance, paired with a whimsical theme that ensures a light-hearted gaming session.


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