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Kodak Brownie Model 3 f1.9 8mm Movie Camera

Year Created: 1959
Year Acquired: 2010s
Condition: Mint/In Box

The Kodak Brownie Model 3, introduced in April 1959 and produced in March 1960, exemplifies the mid-20th-century innovation in consumer-grade cinematography. This 8mm movie camera was designed to democratize movie-making, equating the ease of shooting full-color home movies with the simplicity of taking black-and-white snapshots. Notable for its affordability and user-friendly design, the camera features a Lumenized 13mm Cine-Ektanon lens with an aperture of f1.9, ensuring bright and sharp imagery.


  • Film Type: Double-run Kodachrome Movie Film, 8mm
  • Lens: 13mm Cine-Kodak Ektanon f/1.9 for crisp visuals
  • Speed: 16 frames per second, standard for the era
  • Viewfinder: Collapsible plastic sports viewfinder with parallax correction
  • Loading: Sprocketless design for easy film threading and setup
  • Exposure: Two-position release and fingertip click-stop aperture control
  • Build: Durable aluminum construction with a velvet-lined leather carrying case
Condition Report
This Brownie Model 3 remains in superb condition, reflecting its historical and operational value. The camera’s mechanisms, including the spring-driven motor and aperture controls, function as intended. The aluminum body and the leather case show minimal signs of wear, maintaining much of their original appeal and integrity.


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