ITEM ID: 0008

Odd Fellows Pickelhaube Masonic Hat

Year Created: Early 20th c.
Year Acquired: 2022
Condition: Worn/Used

This artifact is a Pickelhaube-style hat, integral to the regalia of the Odd Fellows, a prominent fraternal organization. Originating from the early 20th century, this distinctive piece is characterized by its red velvet and leather construction, adorned with a brass spike atop, and complemented by a black visor. The visor is uniquely embellished with three red hoops, a design element likely symbolic within the Oddfellows’ iconography. This piece was acquired from Regina’s Antique Warehouse, adding a regional historical significance to its provenance.

Condition Report
The item exhibits minor signs of aging, consistent with its historical period and material composition. Notably, it lacks the decorative flashing typically found at the base of the brass spike, a detail that may have been lost over time or removed in its prior history. Despite this, the hat maintains a good overall condition, with the red velvet, brass spike, and black visor retaining their structural integrity and visual appeal. The three red hoops design remains vivid, albeit with some fading indicative of its age.


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