ITEM ID: 0049

Old Wolbert’s Rubbing Butter

Year Created: Unknown
Year Acquired: 2018
Condition: Mint/In Box

Old Wolbert’s Rubbing Butter” is an utterly unique product. A set of 6 of dark glass bottles containing a thick, pinkish oil, labelled as “100% Natural Norwegian Troll Fat.” Said to have been procured from the enigmatic Scandinavian mystic and troll hunter, Wolbert von Brunswick, this lifetime supply of rubbing oil emits an aroma mixed between sulfur and coconut oil, suggesting a complex chemical makeup.

Old Wolbert’s Rubbing Butter is a remarkable collectible, surrounded by an aura of mystique and traditional Scandinavian lore. Whether viewed as a novelty or a slice of niche cultural heritage, it adds a peculiar charm to any collection of folk remedies or mythological memorabilia.

“What is this array of frivolous gewgaws you have committed to my creation? I gave you explicit instructions to bring me a Globule of Raw Air, a Subdued Waterfowl and six flagons of Old Wolbert’s Rubbing Butter!


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