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Polaroid Land Camera Model 104

Year Created: c. 1965
Year Acquired: 2024
Condition: Like New

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 104, active in production from 1965 to 1967, represents a pivotal design in the evolution of consumer instant photography. Priced at $60 upon its debut, the Model 104 was among the first in the iconic 100-400 series, which popularized the ‘peel-apart’ instant packfilm format. Its design features a robust set of capabilities tailored for the avid amateur photographer.


  • Film Type: Uses 100-series 3¼×4¼ inch peel-apart instant packfilm, celebrated for its direct image visibility and convenience.
  • Lens: Equipped with a 2-element plastic lens, optimized for everyday photography needs.
  • Focus: Features a non-folding, Polaroid-designed zone focusing system, enhancing its usability for a range of photographic conditions.
  • Exposure: Includes an automatic exposure control, utilizing a CdS photocell adjacent to the lens to adjust exposure levels seamlessly.
  • Viewfinder: Folding bellows mechanism, typical of mid-century Polaroid models, contributing to the camera’s compact design when not in use.
Condition Report
This Model 104 maintains excellent cosmetic and functional condition. The folding bellows are intact and operate smoothly, and the automatic exposure system responds well to changes in light. The lens and focusing system are free of significant wear, ensuring continued high performance. The camera is typically showcased with its original black leather case, which has preserved the camera well over the decades.


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