ITEM ID: 0030

Saskatchewan Black Bear Skull

Year Created: c. 2000s
Year Acquired: 2015
Condition: Like New

This skull is from an adult male black bear, a notable specimen hunted by the owner’s grandfather in the wilds of Saskatchewan. The cranium bears evidence of a turbulent life, with significant puncture holes that have partially healed, indicating the bear survived a fierce confrontation with another of its kind before ultimately being hunted. These battle scars offer a rare glimpse into the natural behavior and survival challenges faced by bears in the wild.

Condition Report
The skull is overall well-preserved post-mortem, with teeth intact and the bone retaining its structural integrity. The puncture wounds to the cranium are old and show signs of natural healing, displaying the bear’s resilience and capacity for recovery in its natural habitat. The bone has been cleaned and prepared appropriately for display and educational purposes.


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