ITEM ID: 0040

“Starco” Vintage Expandable Hardbody Briefcase

Year Created: Late 20th c.
Year Acquired: 2019
Condition: Like New

The item is an iconic “Starco” brand briefcase, constructed from high-quality, durable brown leather with a distinctive hardbody design tailored for expandability. This piece is characterized by its robust brass combination locks, providing both security and a touch of elegance. Dating back to the late 20th century, this briefcase epitomizes the era’s craftsmanship in portable office solutions, offering a blend of functionality and style.

Usage Report
Serving as a versatile portable office/desk, this briefcase enables efficient organization and transport of various documents, electronic devices, and essential office supplies. The expandability feature is a critical design element, offering flexible storage space while preserving a sleek, professional profile.
Condition Report
The briefcase showcases minor signs of aging, including scuffs and some chafing at the corners, indicative of its genuine leather construction and regular use. These characteristics contribute to its vintage charm and do not detract from its overall functionality or structural integrity. The brass combination locks remain fully operational, displaying slight surface wear that aligns with the item’s vintage status. Internally, the briefcase is well-maintained, with the original lining intact and minor indications of use.


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