ITEM ID: 0011

Vintage Brass Rotary Phone – Brittany Neophone Replica

Year Created: Mid to Late-20th c.
Year Acquired: 2016
Condition: Damaged

This catalog entry features a remarkable reproduction of the Brittany Neophone, a vintage brass rotary phone with cream plastic accents. Celebrated for its appearance on numerous desks in classic British films from the 1920s-1930s, this replica encapsulates the essence of the Streamline Modern style prevalent in the late 1920s. The design showcases a commitment to new materials and technologies of the era, featuring rounded corners and a bold, pyramid-shaped geometric silhouette. The phone is completed with a curled cable, adding to its vintage charm. This reproduction was likely produced in the later 20th century, making it a modern tribute to an iconic piece of telecommunication history.

Was in working condition when acquired, rabbits chewed off the land line cable.


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