ITEM ID: 0052

Vintage Carved Wooden Daruma Doll

Year Created: Mid 20th c.
Year Acquired: 2024
Condition: Worn/Used

This vintage carved wooden Daruma doll is an exquisite representation of Japanese folk art, embodying the resilience and determination of the esteemed Zen Buddhist monk Bodhidharma. Daruma, as he is affectionately known in Japan, is often depicted in a rounded, tumbler doll form, celebrating his unwavering meditation that led to enlightenment. This particular piece is skillfully carved from dark wood, a more permanent homage compared to the traditional paper-mache version. Its features are crafted to reflect the iconic image of Daruma, sans arms and legs, with a face full of determination. Such dolls are part of a New Year’s tradition where the owner paints one eye upon setting a personal goal and completes the other upon achieving it, making this Daruma a silent witness to the aspirations and successes of its owner.


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