ITEM ID: 0055

Vintage Economy Glass Washboard

Year Created: 1920s
Year Acquired: 2013
Condition: Worn/Used

The Economy washboard is an iconic cleaning tool produced by the Canadian Woodenware Co., renowned for its widespread use in the early 20th century. This particular full-size model, dating back to the 1920s, features a corrugated glass wash surface—a design choice that was popular for its durability and effective scrubbing capability. The wooden frame has gracefully aged over the decades, showcasing the patina of time and the craftsmanship of an era when manual washing was commonplace in household chores.

Condition Report
The glass surface remains intact, without cracks or significant chips, suggesting careful use and handling throughout its functional life. The wooden frame displays a significant aging process, with the wood’s color deepening and the grain becoming more pronounced, indicative of the washboard’s authentic vintage status. Despite its age, the structural integrity of the washboard is sound, maintaining its original shape and sturdiness.


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